The Making of “MF DOOM: ALL CAPS”


I’m embarrassed to admit what the original concept for this comic was. I had planned to do a straight superhero vs. super villain comic with MF DOOM as, appropriately enough, the antagonist. I quickly realized that I was making fan fiction…and (I’ll be real with you) I hate fan fiction. So I went back to the drawing board. And for the first time in literally a year, I started listening to my muses again…

You already know that 2020 was a rough year. There was COVID, Trump, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Chadwick Boseman…the death of my all too generous Aunt Donna, and too much more. It was just a lot. A LOT a lot. And just to make sure it kicked the chair from under me one more time, 2020 waited until December 31st – just as I was inhaling for that sigh of relief that it would be over – to tell the world that the year would take Daniel Dumile a.k.a. MF DOOM, too. My personal “muse.” 

Creatively — for a little over 20 years — MF DOOM has “been a mood” for me. I don’t think I quite understood how or why until he died. (Unfortunately, that’s just how it works sometimes.) Despite his real life edict of “it’s not how it looks like…it’s how it sounds,” the music of Daniel Dumile is as visual as it is audible. And that’s what he provided me creatively: A vivid way to use words. Or, in his specific case, lyrics.


Once I understood that the sound is the visual and the visual is the sound, I had a comic. Actually, I should say we had a comic. Artist Smack!, letterer Derron Bennett, colorists Luis Guerrero, editor Sy Shackleford, editor/pain-in-my-ass Maia “Crown” Williams, and cover artist Matt Rawson…ALL made this possible. Thanks, guys. I needed this after the year that was. 

Keep scrolling for more process art by the creative team.


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